Un-Zip-Me...BAM Bags™

BAM Bags™

Beauty & and Craftsmanship that will never go out of style

Beth A. Metsch is the owner and creator of Bam Bags® the original ZIPPURSE™,

The ZIPPURSE® was born when Beth's mother asked for a bag made out of zippers. Beth's prototype, a bag made of one high strength continuous zipper, completely entertained her mother and her friends. Mom was her first customer and retailers immediately followed suit. 

Bam Bags® and the Original ZIPPURSE™ was born.

While practicing architecture in New York City, Beth began designing limited edition leather handbags, fabric totes, and diaper bags.  Friends started asking for bags and store employees inquired about the designer.  It seemed like an opportune time to transition from buildings to bags.

The perfect blend of craftsmanship and art is apparent in Beth’s line of original designs.  Her use of color, form, and style is culled from years of traveling through more then 27 countries.  Beth is always searching for new a innovative ideas to make her bags beautiful and functional.

The products can be used by men, women and children. They can be used for the gym, an overnight stay, for your laptop, as a baby bag, make up bag, purse, phone bag... the list goes on and on!

The Bags are so unique that they have earned two design patents and one utility patent. They were also recently awarded West Word's Best of Denver 2010 as "Colorado's most therapeutic accessory product".

Beth holds a professional Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Miami and a Master’s in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.  When not traveling, Beth and her family make their home in the Colorado Rockies

As Functional as it is Fun